Can Better Windows Help Save the World?

The green building movement is offering us a real opportunity By Ric Jackson, Truseal Technologies October 2007

When it comes to business today...consumers today...selling today...everything is coming down to a single color: Green. Building greener homes is catching on at a spectacular pace. Homeowners are looking for more and more ways to make theirout and purchased by increasing numbers of consumers acting on their environmental principles.

The message

The green movement is affording us in the window business with a real opportunity to appeal to customers looking for window solutions that not only meet their needs today but also deliver hope for tomorrow. Here are just a few of the things we have to tell them: Windows can account for between 10 and 25 percent of the total energy consumption for the heating and cooling of an average home (consisting of 2,000 square feet of living space and 300 square feet of windows). Installing the most energy-efficient window available can greatly reduce energy consumption, the carbon footprint of the home (eco- language for the amount of greenhouse gases emitted by the combustion of fossil fuels required to produce the energy to heat and cool a structure) and the amount of money required to keep the home comfortable.

Recent improvements in nearly all window components, including low-E glass, warm edge spacers and more efficient insulating frames, can improve window thermal performance by as much as 45 percent. As manufacturers adopt more high-performance glazing techniques, warm edge window spacers become even more important in reducing overall U-factors and decreasing energy loss and potential condensation with its related health risks.

Beyond the actual thermal performance of the window itself, environmentally friendly windows can help reduce a home’s peak heating and cooling loads. Peak loads are the maximum energy loads required for heating or cooling a house within a specific time period. Insulating glass windows reduce the house’s heating and cooling needs by performing more efficiently and achieving more consistent internal temperatures despite wide variations in outside temperatures. Not only do these windows reduce the energy draw at the home, they also help reduce the demand required by the electrical utility at peak times. Given the amount of brownouts and blackouts of the last few years, the ability to help lessen utility demand can be a persuasive selling point for green consumers.

While environmental activists continue to debate with their opponents about the reality or lack thereof of global warming, the middle ground is rapidly growing as awareness of the environment in general takes a greater role in these individuals’ lives. According to the research firm Iconoculture, mainstream “greenies” not only expect innovative new products that slip right into their existing lifestyles, but they also expect more convenience, better price points, higher style and better performance from green products.

Recognizing these demands, and the growing concern among our end customers about the planet and in what condition they leave it for their children and their children’s children, we have a chance to show how, indeed, today’s high-performance windows can truly help save the world.

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