Double Hung Window

Double-hung windows operate with both sashes sliding vertically.  Both sashes tilt in for easy cleaning, ventilation and style.  The operation of this window is graceful with the highest grade performance in North America GRADE 40 for your family's security and peace of mind.


  • Architectural contoured mouldings throughout
  • 3 1/4" fusion-welded frame and sashes
  • 7/8' overall seale3d units for trhermal efficiency
  • Tilt in sashes for easy cleaning from inside
  • Triple sealed sashes, fine seal and pile
  • Neoprene bulb seal at end seal tight
  • Locking harware fro sahses tilting in
  • Extra security cam lock and keeper resists forced entry
  • Highest certified security rating in windows GRADE 40 (CSA F20)
  • Snap in glazing inside the house for security
  • Full Size screen for venilation from both sides