Casement Window

Casement windows are hinged at the sides.  Casement windows project outward, provideing significantly better ventilation thatn sliders of equal size.  Because the sash protrudes from the plane of the wall, it can be controlled to catch passing breeezes, but screens must be placed on the interior side.  Virtually the entire casement window area can be opened, while sliders are limited to less than half of the window area.


  • Graceful, new generation attractive styling, matching contours
  • Highest quality strong 3 1/4" fusion-welded frames
  • 7/8" overall sealed units for superb efficiency
  • 90 degrees opening sashes for easy cleaning
  • Triple sealed sashes, fin seal, pile and extruded double bulb
  • Truth "maxim" high quality hardware opens effortlessly
  • Single lever multipoint ease of operation and securtiy
  • Highest certified security rating in windows GRADE 40
  • Snap in glazing inside the house for security
  • Full size fiberglass screen top to bottom