Four Season Thermal Sunroom - Model 400

Dungate Windows and Sunrooms has a team of professionals who will help you design and customize a sunroom to fit your specific needs. Building on the three season sunroom, the thermal sunroom by Sunspace takes you to a new level in comfort. By offering three inch extruded insulated aluminum pillars and double glazed windows, the thermal sunroom allows you to extend your seasons enjoyment.

Features & Benefits

  • Choose from 3”, 4“ or 6” thicknesses
  • Roof projection, snow load & R-Value are always considered in the customization of your roof system
  • All systems constructed of high density foam core
  • Laminated with aluminum skins on both sides
  • OSB exterior option to accomodate standard shingles
  • Integrated gutter system
  • Worry Free heavy duty extruded aluminum gutters and fascia
  • Optional prep for wood paneling

Specifications & engineering

All extrusions have commercial grade thermal breaks reducing condensation and heat loss. All windows are high efficiency glass with Low-E Argon gas adding one more level of protection from the elements. 


  • Patio, porch enclosures
  • Room additions
  • Mobile home additions
  • Trailer additions
  • Entries
  • Cabanas