Vinyl Window System Sunroom - Model 200

Style, safety and flexible designs are the cornerstones of our WeatherMaster Window Systems.  With a variety of wall and window frame colors to choose from you have the versatility to color match your new Sunroom with the existing exterior of your home or cottage.  WeatherMaster Window, Door and Enclosure Systems combine the open feeling of a screen room and the comfort and convenience of an enclosed porch. Designed specifically for porches, screen enclosures and even gazebos, the WeatherMaster System is easily installed and can convert any of these areas into your favorite room in the house. With a variety of products to choose from to suit your specific needs and custom applications, WeatherMaster products are an economical way to expand the functionality of any space while adding beauty and value to your home. Made with two inch foam panels and extrusions, the walls incorporate the versatile WeatherMaster 4-Track Vinyl Window System. These window units slide up or down effortlessly allowing a generous 75% ventilation opening! WeatherMaster Vinyl Windows are made with durable View Flex glazed vinyl, and are available in 4 different tint colors: Clear, Smoke Grey, Dark Grey and Bronze. Custom aluminum frame colors are also available!

  • If you enjoy the open air feeling of your existing deck but want protection from the bugs, the elements and harmful UV rays, the Sunspace model 200 is what you are looking for. 
  • Made with two inch foam panels and extrusions, the walls incorporate the versatile WeatherMaster four track vinyl window system.
  • The vents are glazed with ViewFlex, a tough resilient vinyl, available in clear, smoke grey, dark grey or bronze. The window units effortlessly slide up or down allowing a generous 75% ventilation opening! 
  • We all love the great outdoors but there are some things we can do without: bugs, extreme heat, humidity and bone chilling winds. 
  • With a Sunspace sunroom you can extend your outdoor season by weeks even months in perfect comfort. Watch the flowers grow and the leaves change from your favorite chair.

Features & Benefits

  • 75% ventilation
  • Stylish & elegant design
  • Infinitely adjustable, stack up, stack down, bunch up in the middle
  • Perfect for under existing roof applications
  • Made with View Flex vinyl
  • View Flex vinyl glazing is more durable than glass
  • Full fiberglass mesh screen
  • Ideal for existing porch conversions

Specifications & Engineering

  • Maximum width of 12ft. wide x 8ft. high
  • Standard Vertical section width from a minimum 18″ to a maximum 52″
  • Extruded from 6063-T5 aluminum
  • Extrusions available in White, Bronze & Driftwood
  • Extrusions are the same color on the interior and the exterior
  • Stereo units are available up to 96″ high and 144″ wide
  • (Stereo units utilize the same design as the smaller 4 vent units except the main frame is divided into 2 or 3 openings, each with 4 vents. This feature gives the stereo units an 8 vent or 12 vent configuration and reduces the need for additional framing and extra cost.)

Custom Options & Applications


  • Gable roof (post and beam not included)
  • Vinyl Transoms
  • No Kick Panel


  • Patio, porch enclosures
  • Room additions
  • Mobile home additions
  • Trailer additions
  • Free standing
  • Entries
  • Cabanas
  • Tint colors available in Clear, Smoke Grey, Bronze & Dark Grey
  • Spring style vertical windows OSM & lip frame windows available in White, Bronze & Driftwood
  • Designer colors available for Vertical Windows outside mount only in Ivory, Cranberry, Green & Black